Box Trailer

A box trailer is one of the most useful tools for tradesmen, home handy men and also anyone wanting to transport a wide variety of materials or equipment from point A to point B. They are available in a wide range of types to suit any purpose, including transport of gardening or building materials, rubbish, furniture, motorcycles, bicycles and much more. The versatility of box trailers offers a convenient solution for many applications during work and play, whilst being small enough that they don’t present a storage problem for most people.

Many businesses such as lawn mowing services, carpenters, plumbers, landscapers and other trade orientated companies’ benefit from the addition of a box trailer to their fleet of vehicles. One of the major advantages of these types of trailers is that they prevent damage to your ute tray or interior of vans and can also be shared amongst all staff. They can be delivered to site a left while work is being carried out but also gives vehicles the freedom to travel without a load.

The minimal costs associated maintaining and registering a box trailer means that they are great asset for any homeowner. Typical uses for a box trailer at home include trips to the local tip, pick up of topsoil or mulch, moving house, transport of building materials and more. Many trailers are custom made to cater for special applications and the possibilities are endless, however the humble 6 x 4 standard box trailer can be adapted to most situations.